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How to use BackBrackley to get the exclusive offers and deals


As a local resident, how does it work?

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. 

  • If you have a Facebook account it really is very simple.

  • Click on Sign-in/Register on the...



    Well the balloons (obviously purchased from Reds and Gems) have been popping at BackBrackley as we hit a major Facebook milestone, well over 200 likes.  Now FB is not the be all and end all, and I’ll be posting more about this in the...

    The BackBrackley Launch

    Kay Stevens

    “Free wine” they said, that’s all I needed to know!

    So what does one wear to a businessy sort of meeting? My choices were limited by a steady and substantial weight gain (let’s blame holes in the ozone layer al...

    August Competitions


    Where did July go.  I cannot believe it’s nearly over.

    We’ve had the beer festival, which was an amazing success and a massive congratulations to everyone involved in that.  And this weekend it’s the Brackl...

    Kay's treatise on sparkling wines

    Kay Stevens

    So where we?.. oh yes..  I had narrowly avoided intimate relations  with a silver penis-substitute driven by a phalically challenged baldster with a bracelets so heavy it must make   his special “ me” time  ...

    The ongoing introduction of the Cava Queen to

    Kay Stevens

    So are we sitting comfortably? Then I’ll continue, if not I will wait for half an hour while you pop down to boots for some ointment..........

    Better?, if I remember rightly you left me clutching my hard won glass of Pros...

    How to see the Northern Lights

    Jo Baldwin

    One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a Travel Counsellor at this time of year is one that’s unfortunately quite difficult to answer: When is the best time to visit Lapland or Iceland to see the Northern Lights?  It is th...

    Choosing the perfect Wine

    James Butler

    Finding the right wine to go with the right food can be confusing. With many festive events coming up, which wines go with which festival dinner?

    The last of the summer is now upon us, so lets fire up those BBQ's for the last...

    What I did on my Holidays

    Kay Stevens

    It was that time of year again... HOLIDAYS!!! Time to get away from it all (IT being dishwasher, private shower, comfy bed, microwave and ELECTRICITY) ... throw the tent and primus into the car and head off  for sunnier climes, well the ho...

    Exciting Times in Brackley

    Mike Cadden

    So BackBrackley has re-launched.  I know it has taken us a lot longer than planned but sometimes little things take longer than hoped and also life get's in the way.  There are only two of us working on this and we're trying t...